As my blog has a minimum metaphorical alcohol content of 40%, and as its purpose and content are devoted to relating how I am to combine strong liquor with road usage, I believe it is timely and pertinent to set out my policies.

I do not condone or advocate drinking and driving, nor drinking and cycling. As such, I shall not be imbibing at each of the distilleries I visit, irrespective of however moderate in quantity the complimentary dram may be. Instead I shall nose the sample and only sip if it is a malt I am particularly keen to taste, and if there is the means to spit it out again.

Believe it or not, but this is no different to how I conduct myself when I taste malts at home. I adore the aromas and flavours of the spirit, but do not care for the sensory and mental impairment that swallowing entails. However, it is not solely for the sake of a more conscious experience that I am continuing with this strategy once on the road. I am both very aware of how the media reports on the relationship between some of my age group and alcohol and upset by it. I would like to promote a contrasting teenage drinking culture, although I understand that it is an even more acute minority who interact with the drug as I do. I want to show that there are those for whom the principle aim is not to get “blittered” in the words of Rab C Nesbitt, but to savour and to learn.

Keen-eyed readers may have spotted that I stated my age as 19, and that my love of malt began in 2007. My birthday being in September, this would have made me 17 at the time of the Glenlivet visit, which it did. I was, however, accompanied by my Mum, so I think that makes it legal.

Lastly, I’d like to add a disclaimer to the content of the blog itself, having dealt with the arrangements that will go into creating it. Nowhere do I claim 100% accuracy with regards to what I post, although I attempt to remain as well-informed as I can. In practice, though, I shan’t be concerning myself with the latest goings-on in the whisky world, rather providing and focusing on my own opinions and specific interests. I hope that this blog can act as a forum for other people to provide their own opinions, too, although I may not necessarily agree with or endorse them. If you are not of legal drinking age, you’re in luck, because a lot of these marvellous distilleries will let you in for free, but please don’t visit again. That’s legality for you.

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