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Confusion at the Scotch Odyssey Blog

I offer first a belated Hello from the Scotch Odyssey Blog, followed by an apology. Succeeded by an explanation which I will try and supply as concisely as possible.

Nearly three weeks. Nearly three weeks of silence as far as you, my readers are concerned, although I have been screaming into pillows at the top of my lungs for the last two. Having told you all about the fourth release of single casks from GlenDronach I took my twenty-year-old self up to Carron, Speyside, in order to undertake the transition to 21 in the most comfortable and Scotch whisky-saturated surroundings that I know of. My seven days in the north were expected to yield relaxation, fine company, outdoor pursuits and, of course, blog posts. True to form and forecast, they did.

However, well aware that my return to St Andrews for University Year 2 snapped at the heels of my holiday with only a couple of days of transition, I did my best to compile drafts detailing some of my distillery tours and shop tastings thus mitigating the panicked chaos of last year when time and attention post Freshers’ Week derailed the blog for some time. The plan was that until I secured internet access in my new flat, I would find some elsewhere around the town and simply ‘Publish’ that which I had sensibly prepared earlier. My WordPress platform has had other ideas, however, and it wasn’t until yesterday and the joyous advent of home broadband that I could work out why my best laid plans had been so scuppered. For whatever reason, posts containing images (if I could upload them into the post at all), thoroughly upset whatever permalink-generating or content transfiguring mechanism it is that enables what I write to be read by you. Cue further screaming.

Updates haven’t worked, permission changes haven’t worked, scouring the WordPress support forums hasn’t worked. Until I can sort this out – or, more likely, track down someone in possession of the technological logic nodule which I so patently lack – the Scotch Odyssey Blog will be back to its ‘good old days’ when I was pedalling around Scotland at the mercy of truculent hostel PCs: a thousand words will have to take the place of one glossy picture.

My apologies again, therefore, but I still intend to bring you tales of Speyside, and other whisky news from Scotland when I get it.

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September 22, 2011 um 2:43 pm
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