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May 6, 2012

Whisky Ageism: Gunning for Grandad’s Stash of Oldies

Hear ye, hear ye: the latest Whisky Round Table is live over with Mike and the gang at WhiskyParty!

Mike’s question this month was a fairly sobering one, I thought, though: a bit of a party pooper. As we get older, scientists would have us believe that our sensory skills diminish. Our whiskies cease to register in the stratospheres of flavour they once did, and it would appear that insult is set to follow injury. Soon there will be no running for the bus or a night undisturbed by trips to the bathroom, just years of falling asleep in front of Bridge Over the River Kwai and less than sparkling drams.

Ought we, therefore, to reconsider allowing the rarest or most complex whiskies to make it into the wrinkled hands of our OAPs who cannot hope to appreciate them? With tongue in cheek, the Whisky Round Tablers set to composing their answers. I urge you to have a read here.

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April 3, 2012

Neither Here Nor There: Does Where You Mature a Whisky Matter?

We have lurched into April now, and the weather does not seem to realise that April 1st has passed us by. Still it jokes at my expense: I sit in my St Andrews flat shivering so much it is having a detrimental impact on my typing while snow and hail screech past the not-double-glazed window.

Just as well, therefore, that Gal Granov over in Isreal is hosting this month’s Whisky Round Table, and can confer a degree of warmth to the discussion. This month, Gal wanted to know whether the recent trend for multiple maturation sites – as has happened with some Amrut expressions – has a beneficial impact on the final whisky, or simply titillated the PR guys responsible for writing press releases. I have never tasted a whisky that has explicitly told me that it was matured in a variety of locations, but I have some pretty strong views on the matter, nevertheless.

Suntory are experimenting with casks of Yamazaki, maturing five at each of their Scottish distilleries. These are at Glen Garioch. How will they turn out?

Please check out the thread over at Whisky Isreal, where many more worthy whisky bloggers air their views.

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